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We believe there is more to every outdoor sport than taking home a limit. We hope that our artistic view of the outdoors allows people to take a different look at hunting and fishing by focusing on the details, rather than having the “kill at any cost mentality.”

We all know that person. They just got into the sport of hunting and fishing and they think they know it all. They have watched people on TV, ¬†show up to a field or fishing hole and pull out limits in no time without any work. So, why can’t they do it? This type of attitude only leads to producing hot headed “know it all” sportsmen. Most programs out there now simply reinforce this idea of it’s all about the kill. We want to break the mold.

The times we remember most aren’t the days where it was so easy and we didn’t have to work hard for it. We always find ourselves recounting the struggles and ridiculous hurdles we have had to jump through just to scratch out a couple birds or finally feel that takedown with cold, numb hands. We don’t believe that the experience should be measured by a number, and we strive to portray that in our videos.

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about our logo

To support the lifestyle of our films, we didn’t want our logo just to show an image, we wanted it to represent an idea. A tie between all sportsmen around the world. Whether you’re a fisherman or a hunter we all have three things in common:


The mountain represents the struggle. The moments that we all remember that were worth it in the end, but crazy at the time.


The sleepless nights waiting for the sunrise to start a new experience with no idea what may take place.


That moment, where you take a second, step back, and realize how beautiful the world we live in really is.