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Chasing Neck Rings

With a recent snow storm kicking a lot of geese around in our area, we decided to check out a new area in hopes of finding a field for a different kind of film. Jake and Corey called later that day and said they had something in the works and all of the normal planning...
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A New Season Begins

A new waterfowl season has officially kicked off and we have high hopes for what will come. We are very excited to be partnered with S2 Calls out of Oregon and after the first weekend of the 2013/14 season, we have the first filmed hunt of the year under our belt. These September hunts are...
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Post Season Band Hunting

Unable to give in to the fact that the 12-13 duck season is over, I figured it was time to pick up the camera and try my luck at a little hunting through the lens. I have always loved the concept of bands, not because it is a shiny piece of metal that somehow elavates...
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