A Good Day For Photos

With a great filmed hunt under our belt from Saturday (Click Here to Read that Blog Post), we decided to take a risk on a field with no hide at all. We left the cameras at home for that reason, but we would soon regret that.

A dairy field has been a loafing area for quite some time for a big group of geese, but they haven’t been using it as of late. Counting on the pressure from other hunters in the area, we figured the geese would be on the look out for new feeding grounds.

I’ll admit it, I didn’t think we’d pull it off. The field was divided into a series of lots by single wire fences with absolutely no grass. We decided the best chance was to create our own hide and feather it out on the ends to create an eyebrow and fool the geese into thinking it was perfectly natural.

Well, we must of done a decent job. Within an hour and fifteen minutes of the first flight, we had our birds and left plenty of time for taking photos on the farm’s junkyard. I was in heaven as a photographer. If only every field had this many opportunities for photos! Even though the camera gear was left locked away, this hunt will live on in our memories for a very long time.

2013_12.29_3 2013_12.29_4



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