Big Spreads and Happy Hunters

This post will be left short and sweet to let a future film tell the story.

We’re coming up on the final push. We are 3 months in and there are only a few weeks left in the season. Garrett and Jake had been watching a couple fields and one in particular had a great hide and plenty of geese. After a few phone calls, we had a plan to take advantage of the large hedge row and get 8 guys out in the field.

We had hunted the same field earlier in the year, but the fog caused a lot of problems for us. With another clear morning forecasted, our only fear was that the same thing would happen again.



Everyone sat in the blinds scanning the skyline, waiting for that first flock to head our way. The birds must of snoozed their alarm a few times, because they showed up about 30 minutes late.


Dakota was as patient as ever. Watching birds in our decoys, I can only imagine what was going through his head. “Come on guys! What’s the hold up?”


Small flocks of Tavs and Lessers were the name of the game and a welcomed change from sorting through cacklers to finish out limits.


With a large spread of DSD’s and a great hide, they had no problem setting down feet first into our decoys.








With one goose left for a full limit, the typical conversation came up, “is it really worth it?”. The main flight was over, so we decided that with a good day under our belt and plenty of heavy straps we would pack up and head to the check station.



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