Post Season Band Hunting

Unable to give in to the fact that the 12-13 duck season is over, I figured it was time to pick up the camera and try my luck at a little hunting through the lens. I have always loved the concept of bands, not because it is a shiny piece of metal that somehow elavates you above other hunters, but rather because of the stories that go with them. I do wear my bands, but to me each one has a memory of a hunt and the friends and family that I shared the moment with that I can remember every time I slip my lanyard over my neck. On the other side of the story, you can learn so much about individual birds that you would normally never know. The fact that you can learn about the birds you hunt like how far they’ve traveled and how old they are has always intregued me.

The first pair of banded ducks stuck together like an old married couple. They were banded in Eastern Oregon and must of been sick of the cold weather. They were banded a year apart.

The second pair were local birds from Sauvie Island.

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