Jake Baker

If there was a jack of all trades in our group, it has to be Jake. He spends more time in the field than most people we know. Whether he is fishing coastal rivers for steelhead, bugling for Rocky Mountain bulls, or setting a rig of decoys, Jake’s experience and drive is a huge contribution to our success.

Jake has been hunting and fishing since he was able to walk. He was lucky enough to grow up in an outdoor rich family and spent many days in the field learning from family and friends. Before he could hunt, he would throw out decoys in backyard ponds and practice calling for ducks.

Jake and his relationship with his grandfather Jim, is exactly what Red West Outdoors is about and you can see it by watching one of our early steelhead films. The fishing trip turns into more than a chance to take a fish home, it’s the bond of a common goal that’s cemented by a mixture of hard work and laughter.

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